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Hello everyone!

My name is Juan Valenzuela and I have worked in a family shoe store for over 10 years now. I have been helping children, women, and men find the correct shoe style and the correct shoe size.

I want you to make me a promise…

Never settle for a shoe that doesn’t fit properly. Shoes must feel comfortable from the first time you try them on, and remember this:

It doesn’t matter what type and size your foot is, there is a shoe out there that will fit the shape of your feet perfectly.

A Little Back Story…

Since I started fitting shoes in 2009, I have helped several women who claimed that their feet were too wide or too narrow to find that particular shoe style that they didn’t even know existed. Since I work for a fitting shoe store, our main goal is to provide people with shoes that FIT. If they happen to look stylish, that’s great, but FIT should be everyone’s top priority when looking for shoes.

After working 10 years at the shoe store, I noticed how most women who came to the store for their first time were wearing the wrong shoe size. So, it doesn’t come to a surprise to me when surveys show that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong shoe size.

My Mission With This Website

I created this website to help those women who don’t have a local shoe store in their area that they trust find the correct pair of shoes. I have heard several women say who they can’t wear a particular shoe style such as a dress shoe for example because their feet are too wide or too narrow.

I have spoken with women who were into playing soccer but stopped because their feet kept getting blisters and calluses from the cleats being too narrow. They were shocked when I told them that there is one particular cleat that is available in extra wide widths. They were happy not just for themselves, but for their husbands and children who were into playing the game as well.

I have also fitted women with wide and narrow feet in dress shoes, winter boots, summer sandals… you name it!

My point is that it doesn’t matter what type of foot you have, there is a particular shoe style out there and I will help you find it.

STOP Your Foot And Leg Pain!

Are you experiencing foot and leg pain? I have helped hundreds of children, women, and men who were experiencing foot and pain due to not wearing the correct pair of shoes.

Something so simple such as wearing the correct shoe size and the correct shoe style will keep your feet and legs healthy. In certain cases, you will need a more supportive shoe that provides extra arch and ankle and support.

At the shoe store that I work for, we carry good supportive shoes and orthotics, and I am familiar with which shoe styles are more supportive than others. In some cases, if a good supportive shoe is not or eliminating your foot and leg pain, a pair of orthotics will be required.

You will find in this website several articles describe the best orthotics for women with foot pain

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Juan Pablo

Founder of Comfortable Women Shoes


email. comfortablewomenshoes@gmail.com

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My name is Juan Valenzuela and I have been fitting women's shoes for the last 10 years. I have helped several women who claimed that their feet were too wide or too narrow to find that particular shoe style that they didn’t even know it existed. I have also helped women who were experiencing a certain foot condition such as flat feet, overpronation, bunions hammer toes, find the perfect pair of shoes to help prevent and treat those foot conditions. I know which shoe brands and shoe styles are better than others and if you ever have trouble finding a particular shoe style please do not hesitate to contact me.


  1. Hi
    I have very narrow, long feet but need a wide toe box and zero drop. Oh and my feet are pronated and flat since birth. I can find shoes that addresses on of my needs but then it doesn’t address the others. I have tried Altras which seem ok. I’d like to know if there are any toehr good choices out there.
    Thank you

    • Hello Laura,

      Yes, one shoe brand that comes to mind is Orthofeet. Based on what you told me, we need to find a shoe stye that is narrow enough to accommodate the shape of your narrow feet but it needs to come with a round toe-box to prevent your toes overlapping each other or rubbing against the side of the shoes. One important feature that you need to look for in your shoes is “depth”. If you tell me your shoe size in length and what type of shoes you are looking for (everyday, running, office), I can send you specific recommendations.

  2. Hi,i’m ramesh.living in tamil nadu, india.I was born with six toes in left leg.shoot my right toes are usual five fingers..i am 25 years old now.I never even imagined that u can wear shoes.. But now I want to wear them.. Buy unfortunately I couldn’t get a single pair of shoes yet..because of the the toes I have..any solution?

    • Hi Katrina-

      I hope you are well and staying safe.

      I can definitely help you find shoes that fit. The key here is to find shoes that are labeled as extra wide (XW) -depending on how puffy your feet are- but that also provide extra depth and rounder toe-boxes. Are you having a hard time finding shoes that fit?

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