Extra Wide Loafers for Women – Affordable, Extra Deep, and Available in Extra Wide Widths!


Are you looking for a pair of fashionable and comfortable pair of loafers that are capable of accommodating your extra wide feet? Have you been told that because of your wide feet you won’t be able to wear loafers as they aren’t friendly for the wide-footed? It’s a fact that loafers with pointy toes and slim widths can be painful, but there are some loafers that fit a lot wider than others. I will show you a list of the best extra wide loafers for women based on my 10 years of shoe fitting experience.

I have spoken with several women who literally tried just about every shoe brand on the market and they haven’t been able to find a single pair of loafers that could fit their extra wide feet.

Why Is It So Hard To Find Loafers For Women with Wide Feet?

Most shoe companies don’t manufacture their shoes in wide or extra wide widths (“W”, “EE”, “EEEE”). Loafers are highly popular but unfortunately, these are usually just available in medium widths. The main reason for this is that shoe companies save money by producing only the most common styles (medium width). The fewer variations there are, the less the cost is for shoe companies. So, for women with extra wide feet like yours, it gets harder to find shoes that fit. This is no reason to settle for uncomfortable or ugly shoes!

Are the Loafers I Recommend for Women with Extra Wide Feet Stylish?

Most women who have already tried the loafers I recommend told me that they are the only loafers that can fit their extra wide feet and do not compromise on style.

What Makes the Loafers I Recommend Ideal for Women with Extra Wide Feet?

The most important feature that the loafers I recommend provide is that they are available in EXTRA WIDE WIDTHS (X-Wide). In addition to being available in extra wide widths, the loafers that I recommend provide two other key features:

☑️ Round Toe-Boxes: The loafers that I recommend provide round toe-boxes instead of pointier ones. This feature is going to help prevent your toes from overlapping one another or rubbing against the side of the loafers. Take a look at the image below for better visualization purposes:


☑️ Extra Depth: The loafers that I recommend provide extra depth, which means that they allow the feet to sit deeply inside of the shoes. This feature is ideal if you have a high instep. Take look at the image below for better visualization purposes:


Do You Know If You Have a High Instep?

The instep is the top part of the foot, and when it’s high, it makes it a lot more challenging to find shoes that fit. The higher the instep, the harder it gets to find shoes that are comfortable to wear. The image below shows the foot of a woman with extra wide feet and a high instep. Do you notice how there is a lot of extra foot volume that will need to fit inside the shoes?



What Shoe Brands Manufacture Loafers in Extra Wide Widths?

My go-to shoe brands are:

  • Clarks
  • Bella Vita

Keep in mind that not all shoes from these two shoe brands will fit the same way. Some of their styles fit a lot wider and deeper than others, and I will show you exactly which ones those are.

Where Can You Find Loafers that Provide Extra Depth and Rounded Toe-Boxes?

You should start by checking if your local shoe store has loafers that are available in extra wide widths and provide round toe-boxes and extra depth.

If you prefer to shop online you must be 100% sure of your foot length and shape. Don’t insist on buying the same shoe size just because that’s the size that you have worn for most of your life. Your foot shape and size can change over time, and some of the factors that contribute to this change are pregnancy, aging and weight gain or loss. Over time and because of gravity, our feet might get longer and wider.

As we age, the body’s ligaments and tendons lose their strength and ability to spring back. This means that our arches decrease, which flattens and lengthens the foot and toes. This often results in an increase in shoe size by a half-size or more.

Find Out How to Order the Correct Shoe Size Online

Buying shoes online can be a challenge. If you are unsure about what shoe size you need to order online I suggest that you take a look at the resource below:

How to Measure Your Foot Shoe Size – The Most Simple and Effective Way!

Now that you know your exact foot length and shape, let’s take a look at the best extra wide loafers for women. Disclosure: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

Best Extra Wide Loafers for Women ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Take a look at the description below each shoe to find out whether that specific style is available in wide or extra wide widths. Keep in mind that some of the shoes below might be available in wide widths (W) while some others might be available in extra wide widths (X-Wide).

Many women told me how these loafers were capable of fitting their extra wide feet and they received many compliments. They love how the shoes look great with dresses and pants.

Can I Fit an Insole for Extra Support?

This depends on what type of insole you are trying to fit inside these shoes. If it’s a low-profile insole that doesn’t take a lot of extra space, you will likely be able to fit it inside any of the loafers that I recommend. Keep in mind that the insole might raise your feet and make your toes and feet more prone to rubbing against the top part of the shoes.

Are Any Other Loafers Available for Women with Extra Wide Feet?

These are the widest loafers that I have fitted before. With that said, do not hesitate to contact me via the comment section below or at my email if you are unsure about which loafer will work best for your extra wide feet: comfortablewomenshoes@gmail.com

Have you found a specific shoe brand or shoe style that worked well for your extra wide feet? Let me know in the comment section below!

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