Wide High Heels for Women – The Best High Heels Shoes for Wide Feet


Are you looking for high heels in a wide size? This might not be an easy task, but I can assure you I’ll walk you through a targeted selection of the best wide high heels for women.

Not all shoe companies manufacture shoes that can accommodate wider feet, specially wide high heel shoes (“W”, “EE”). Wide, extra-wide, and even extra-extra-wide shoes can be a lifesaver for people with wide or swollen feet and for those who suffer from foot conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, or corns.

Bear in mind that even within the same shoe company that offers wide widths, some of their shoe styles may fit differently, so it is important to do some research to make a more informed decision.

Note that simply choosing a shoe that is available in wide widths and hoping that it will fit the shape of your wide feet is not enough. You can have two shoes that are available in wide widths, but one might be a lot wider than the other and fit your feet better.

My Experience in Fitting Women Shoes

Prior to getting into more detail, I would like to rest assure you that I’ll help you in the search for the best high shoes for you based on my many years of experience in fitting shoes, including dealing with different sizes, widths, and foot conditions. I will share with you my go-to selection for the most comfortable high heels for women with wide feet.

I have to realize that it really doesn’t matter that you find the “ideal” shoe for you, if you don’t buy it in the correct shoe size, you will miss out on the features and benefits that the shoe has. You don’t have to adapt your feet to fit into the shoe, instead, the shoe must fit your feet perfectly!

What Makes the High Heels that I Recommend Ideal for Women with Wide Feet?

The high heels that I recommend are available in wide (W) and extra wide (X-Wide) widths, which makes them ideal for women with wide feet. You will notice that the high heels provide extra depth and rounded toe-boxes. Take a look at the image below, do you notice how the high heel is available in wide widths? I will provide you with a link to this specific shoe shortly.


Are You Sure You Know Your Correct Shoe Size and Width?

We should never underestimate our shoe size and/or width or think that specific shoe size will work for all shoe styles or brands. Many times, we don’t realize that we buy shoes in the wrong shoe size/width, probably thinking this should fit because they are in the “correct” shoe size.

This is specially a problem if you are searching and buying shoes online. In fact, I’ve noticed that many women buy larger shoes when in fact most of the times they just needed wider shoes. Shoes that are available in wide widths are variations of normal-sized shoes where the overall length is the same, but the toe box width is increased to accommodate wider feet.

Before we delve into the selection of high heel shoes for women with wide feet, please allow me to suggest that you get your feet measured with a Brannock Device. You might be surprised by the outcome!

If you don’t have a Brannock device at hand you can take a look at the resource below. This is an article aimed to help women determine their exact foot length and shape. The important thing is that you find out for sure so you be can certain that you are buying and using the right shoes for your feet.

How to Measure Your Foot Shoe Size – The Most Simple and Effective Way!

Clarks and Bella Vita – Wide and Stylish High Heel Shoes! 👠

 You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort and for this reason I will share with you my two favorite brands for wide high heels shoes. These are dressy shoes with just the right heel height, cushioned insoles and easy and comfortable to wear.

☑️ Clarks. This brand is my go-to for good high heel shoes that will give also give you confidence. This brand has versatile styles that feel exceptional from the inside out. They have high heel shoes that are available in narrow, medium and wide widths. With these high heel shoes, you can go to work, and can even go to a party or wear them for a special occasion.

You should know that Clarks is still one of the few brands in the marketplace that women can rely on, you can always find the unusual sizes and widths. They have the ideal office shoes!

 ☑️ Bella Vita. This brand offers exceptional styling and detail all with comfort and wearability in mind. These shoes are made with great attention to fit and comfort while keeping current trends and they are available in different sizes and styles from casual to special occasion. Customers have also concurred that this brand offers styles with the perfect heel height and that they can be comfortably worn for a longer period of time during the day.

Best Wide High Heels for Women – Available in Wide and Extra Wide Widths!

Below you can find a selection of the most comfortable wide high heels for women. The high heels below are available in wide and extra wide widths.

These shoes are well made, dressy, affordable, and comfortable right out of the box. If you’re looking for a great pair of dressy heels for work, a special occasion or just everyday wear, these would be great styles and brands to try. These are great brands and shoe styles, nevertheless, please make sure that you select your correct foot length and width.

Can These High Heels Fit Women with High Insteps?

This depends on how high your instep is, but these high heels have worked for some women with wide feet and high insteps.

Is there another shoe brand or high heel style that has worked well for your wide feet? Please share with the readers in the comments section below.

Hope you found this article helpful. If you are unsure about which high heel shoe will work best for your wide feet, you can contact me via the comment section below or at my email feet: comfortablewomenshoes@gmail.com

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