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Women Running Shoes

Are you over 50 years old and have been dealing with more range of motion limitations and a reduction in strength and stability? Are you looking for a pair of running shoes that will fit your foot shape comfortably and support your feet at the same time? Finding a running shoe that accommodates your foot shape and provides good support and shock absorption is vital if you want to run comfortably and keep your feet and legs healthy. I will show you a list of the best running shoes for women over 50 based on my many years of shoe fitting experience.

My Experience Helping Women Find the Perfect Pair of Shoes for their Feet

I have been working for a specialized shoe store for the last 10 years, where we specialize in women with foot and leg problems, but we provide regular shoe fittings as well. I have fitted numerous running shoes for women with different foot issues. In addition, we carry the best shoe brands for women in all widths and sizes, since we want to be able to fit every women’s foot.

Women who are over 50 years old or older and enjoy running don’t need to pick a “special shoe” for their feet. However, they do need to make sure that they are wearing a running shoe that fits their foot shape correctly and provides the correct amount of support.

Shoes that Work Well for Some Women Might Not Work Well for Your Feet!

Several women who visit the shoe store to be fitted for running shoes ask to try certain models simply because a friend or family member recommended them. Keep in mind that what’s right for some feet might not be right for your feet. There are plenty of factors to consider such as your foot shape and foot conditions.

First Things First: Getting the Correct Fit

Before I show you a list of the best running shoes for women over 50, I want to make sure that you know your exact foot length and shape. A lot of medical professionals agree that the most important thing for a runner of any age to consider when choosing a running shoe is the fit.

I want to start by saying that women need to stop buying their shoes based on the assumption that their feet have always been a certain size. A lot of women feel they are married to their shoe size, and that’s problematic.

You have no idea of how many women walk into the shoe store assuming that they should wear a certain shoe size when in fact they need a very different one. For example, do you know whether you have narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide feet? The reason I ask is that some women believe that they have wide feet when in fact they have extra wide feet. Do you know whether you have a high instep or not? These are all factors that help determine what shoe style will work best for your feet.

What is the Instep of the Foot?

The instep is the top part of the foot, and when it’s high, it makes it more challenging to find shoes that fit. Here is an image of a woman with a high instep.

Having a high instep means that there is extra foot volume that needs to fit inside the shoes. So, if you do have a high instep, we need to look for running shoes that provide extra depth.


Can a Woman’s Foot Shape Change Over Time?

As we age the body’s ligaments and tendons lose their strength and ability to spring back. This means that our arches decrease, which flattens and lengthens the foot and toes.

This often results in an increase in shoe size by a half-size or more. You might also experience a change in foot width, meaning that even though you always ordered medium width shoes now you might have to start ordering wider shoes.

I strongly suggest that you visit your local shoe store to retrieve your exact foot length and shape. However, if you don’t have a specialized shoe store in your area you can use this free resource that I created:

How to Measure Your Foot Shoe Size – The Most Simple and Effective Way!

What Makes the Running Shoes that I Recommend Ideal for Women Over 50?

All of the running shoes that I recommend provide the following features:

☑️ Shock Absorption

☑️ Firm Heel Counters

☑️ Lightweight and Flexible

☑️ Good Traction

☑️ Breathable

☑️ Removable Insoles

Before you decide to buy a new pair of running shoes, let’s check if you must replace your current ones or not.

Are Your Running Shoes Supportive? – Let’s Find Out If they Pass the Running Test

1️⃣ Shock Absorption and Supportive Outsoles

Do your current shoes provide shock absorption and supportive outsoles? Inspect the outsoles of your current running shoes and make sure that they look substantial. Take a look at the image below for better visualization purposes:


2️⃣ Firm Heel Counters with Good Ankle and Heel Support

Do your current running shoes provide firm heel counters with good ankle and heel support? You can check this by pressing on the heel counter of your current running shoes to make sure that area feels firm:


3️⃣ Correct Amount of Flexibility

Do your current running shoes provide the correct amount of flexibility? Your running shoes should bend at the ball of the foot but no further. If you can flex your running shoes as a spiral then I suggest moving onto the next shoe.


As promised, below you can find a list of the best running shoes for women over 50. Keep in mind that I created this list based on the shoes I have tested at the shoe store that I work for. Disclosure: We may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

Best Running Shoes for Women Over 50

Take a look at the description below each running shoe to check what foot shape that particular shoe is capable of fitting (narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide).

Please remember that none of the bells and whistles will matter if the shoe doesn’t fit your foot shape correctly. Make sure that you take a look at the description below each shoe to find out if it can accommodate your foot shape and what size you should order to prevent your longest toe from rubbing against the front part of the shoes.

All of the running shoes recommended above have removable insoles in case you need to fit an orthotic inside the shoes for extra support. Some of the running shoes I recommended work better with orthotics than others, so don’t forget to look below the description of each shoe.

Try this Awesome Shoe Lacing Technique!

Once the shoes arrive I suggest that you apply a specific shoe lacing technique that will allow you to support and protect your heels. I learned this shoe lacing technique from a coworker who has 30 plus years of shoe fitting experience. You can learn how to apply this shoe lacing technique to your own shoes by reading a different article called:

The Best Way to Tie Shoes – The Proven Method to Make Your Shoes Feel Better!

Do You Have a “Complicated” Foot Shape or Foot Condition?

I created several resources for women who have “complicated” foot shapes or foot conditions that make it more challenging to find running shoes that fit.

☑️ Bunions

If you’re an older runner with bunions, there are some additional factors to consider when embarking on a search for the perfect running shoes:

The Best Running Shoes for Women with Bunions — Deep, Supportive, Lightweight, and with a Round Toe-Box

☑️ Stability Issues

If you have stability issues there are certain running shoes that will help keep you more stable while running:

Best Stability Running Shoes for Women – Top 5 Shoes with Stable Platforms that Help Control Overpronation

☑️ High Arches

Women with high arches tend to put extra pressure on the outer part of their feet so it’s important to wear running shoes with firm heel counters:

Best Women’s Running Shoes for High Arches – Redistribute the Stress on Your Feet and Prevent Foot Pain!

☑️ Extra Wide Feet

While some of my running shoe recommendations above can fit women with extra wide feet, I have a specific resource that showcases a list of running shoes that provide round toe-boxes and extra depth:

Extra Wide Running Shoes for Women – Available in Extra Wide Widths!

Are You Unsure About Which Running Shoe Style Will Work Best for Your Feet?

You can ask any question you might have in the comments section below or you can also contact me via email:

The proper amount of support and cushioning will go a long way toward protecting you from injury and keeping you pain-free, so make sure that you wear the correct type of shoe while running.

Let me know if you have found a specific pair of running shoes that worked well for your feet! I am sure other women your age will benefit from reading about your experiences.

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