Best Sneakers for Women with Flat Feet in 2023 – Stop Your Foot Pain!


Have you been diagnosed with flat feet and can’t seem to find a single pair of sneakers that feel comfortable and support your feet? Did your medical professional advise you to get a pair of supportive sneakers but didn’t specify which models to get? Finding a pair of comfortable sneakers for women who have flat feet and experience foot pain can be an expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating experience, but the good news is that I will help you find them. I will show you a list of the best sneakers for women with flat feet in 2023 based on my many years of shoe fitting experience.

Are You Experiencing Foot, Leg, or Back Pain?

Women with flat feet usually experience pain, and I am here to tell you that foot pain is never normal. It’s not normal for women to feel like they can’t walk from being in constant pain.

There are certain shoes that if fitted properly, can significantly help reduce, and in some cases fully eliminate your pain. With that said, please note that not all feet are created equal, and the type of flat foot and degree of pronation you have will determine which types of shoes are best for you.

My Experience Helping Women with Flat Feet and Foot Pain – Over a Decade of Shoe Fitting Experience

I am a shoe fitter who has been fitting children’s and women’s shoes for over a decade. My shoe fitting experience started by fitting children’s shoes, but over the years I became familiar with women’s shoes as well. After having fitted many different shoe brands and styles I became familiar with the best shoes for people with flat feet.

There are many women who visit the shoe store that I work for that complain about foot pain from having flat feet. Some of these women also have “complicated” foot shapes such as narrow or extra wide feet, which makes it more challenging to find shoes that fit.

Not All Flat Feet Are the Same!

Some women have flatter feet than others and might need additional cushion and support from their shoes. Below are images of women who have flat feet and I helped find the perfect pair of shoes for their feet:


What a Difference the Correct Pair of Shoes Can Make!

Here is an image of a woman with flat feet standing barefoot:


Now let’s see what happens when we fit that same woman with flat feet in a pair of the supportive shoes that I recommend:


Wow! What a difference the correct pair of shoes can make!

What Sneaker Shoe Brands Work Best for Women with Flat Feet?

The list of shoes that I have put together features shoes from the following shoe brands:

➡️ New Balance

➡️ Asics

➡️ Brooks

➡️ Orthofeet

➡️ Hoka

➡️ Saucony

It’s important to note that not all shoes from the shoe brands above will work well for women with flat feet. There are specific models among each one of the shoe brands that I recommend that work a lot better than others, and those are the ones I will show you shortly.

What Makes the Shoes that I Recommend Ideal for Women with Flat Feet?

1️⃣ Targeted Arch and Heel Support

Supportive outsoles offer superior arch support along with excellent cushioning that realigns the feet.


2️⃣ Mild Rocker Design

Lightweight, cushioning outsoles with a mild rocker design improve the ease of walking while reducing stress on the joints.


3️⃣ Straight Lasts

Straight last shoes are also referred to as motion control shoes, and they usually provide better material maintaining support beneath the medial column of the foot. Basically, your shoes might have a straight or curved last.


4️⃣ Extra Deep

Extra depth design and a roomy toe-box ensure a relaxed fit and room for custom-made foot orthotics.


5️⃣ Soft Materials

Soft, padded fabric interior with no overlays eliminates irritation and provides superior protection for sensitive feet.

Do You Know If You Have Narrow, Medium, Wide, or Extra Wide Feet?

Before you order your shoes online you must know your exact foot shape. The only way that you will get the full support and stability that the shoes that I recommend have to offer is by wearing them in the correct size. This means ordering the shoes in the correct shoe length and correct shoe width.

If you don’t know your shoe size I suggest that you visit your local shoe store, but if you don’t have a good fitting shoe store in your area you can use this free resource that I created:

How to Measure Your Foot Shoe Size – The Most Simple and Effective Way!

Now you are ready to take a look at a list of the best sneakers for women with flat feet in 2023. All of the sneakers on the list below are well suited to flat feet, can accommodate over-the-counter or custom orthotics, and can also fit different foot shapes. Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links and we may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you click our links and make purchases. This allows us to create free content and resources for many families around the world. 

Shoes available in 2023 are not a lot different from those available in 2022. However, some shoe companies have improved their previous versions of the shoes by adding extra cushion and support to key areas of the foot.

Best Sneakers for Women with Flat Feet in 2023

These sneakers have been fitted by me at the shoe store that I work for, and they have helped several women with flat feet and foot pain significantly reduce, and in some cases fully eliminate their pain. Keep in mind that how effective these sneakers will be for your feet directly depends on the degree of your flat feet. 

Can You Fit Orthotics Inside the Shoes I Recommended?

Whether you wear custom or over-the-counter orthotics you will be able to fit them inside the shoes I recommended above. All of the sneakers I recommended have removable insoles and provide extra depth to accommodate the extra space that orthotics take inside the shoes.

Do You Believe that You Can Benefit from Wearing a Pair of Orthopedic Shoes?

If you already tried the shoes I recommended above and believe that you need more support from your shoes, you can always try a pair of orthopedic shoes. I created a different resource that showcases the best orthopedic shoes for women with flat feet:

Best Orthopedic Shoes for Women with Flat Feet – Improve Foot Posture and Prevent Pain!

Make Sure that Your Sneakers Are Properly Tied at All Times!

Once the shoes arrive I suggest that you apply a specific shoe lacing technique that will allow you to get the full support and stability that the shoes have to offer. I learned this shoe lacing technique from a coworker who has 30 plus years of shoe fitting experience. You can learn how to apply this shoe lacing technique to your own shoes by reading a different article called:

The Best Way to Tie Shoes – The Proven Method to Make Your Shoes Feel Better!

Do You Happen to Have a Child Who Has Flat Feet? – Is Flat Feet Hereditary?

Flat feet is believed to be hereditary. If you have a child who has flat feet I suggest that you take a look at the following resource:

The Best Shoes for Kids with Flat Feet – STOP Your Kids Foot Pain!

Even though I have been fitting shoes for many years, I strongly believe in learning to do exercises that will help your body become stronger and not rely on the shoe to do things for you.

Thank you for reading! We hope you found helpful this post on the best sneakers for women with flat feet in 2023. Please feel free to share this post with your community on social media as well as your experiences in the comments section below. If you have any questions or need any further assistance, you can also contact us via e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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  1. My grandma has flat feet, she has stability issues, and I have been looking for some options for her. Currently, she is wearing a supportive Asics shoe but since she has very wide feet I am not sure that’s the best choice for her. We notice imprints on her feet when we take her shoes and socks. I am thinking of getting the New Balance as they are available in extra wide. Thank you for putting this article together.

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