High Top Sneakers for Women in Wide Width – The Only Styles for Women with Wide Feet!


Editor’s Note: This post has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy on May 2022 and reflects an up-to-date selection of high top sneakers for women in wide width.

Are you having a hard time finding a pair of high top sneakers that can comfortably fit the shape of your wide feet? Have you tried a bunch of different shoe brands and styles and they all end up being too narrow and pinching your toes?

I have noticed that when women find a pair of shoes that they absolutely love they insist on buying them, even though the fit isn’t perfect, reasoning that they will be able to wear them in.

I know this because I have been working for a specialized shoe store that helps women with “complicated” foot shapes and foot conditions for the last 10 years. I have fitted several different types of shoe brands and shoe styles, and over the years I became familiar with the best high top sneakers for women with wide feet.

Some women want to know whether Converse shoes are okay to wear if they have wide feet. Converse shoes are capable of fitting some women with wide feet, but they won’t fit women with high insteps. Converse is now manufacturing their high tops in wide widths, and I will provide you with a link to them shortly.

Many shoe brands now manufacture shoes in different widths so women can pick their preferred width (M=medium and W=wide). However,  to find shoes that fit the shape of your wide feet it takes a lot more than just picking up a shoe from the shelf that is labeled as wide and hoping it will fit the shape of your feet.

What Makes the High Top Sneakers I Recommend Effective for Wide Feet?

In addition to being available in wide widths (“W”, “EE”), the high top sneakers I recommend provide 2 key features:

☑️ Extra Depth: This is one of the most important features that your shoes need to provide if you have a wider foot. Most women fail to consider the importance of wearing shoes that provide extra depth. The deeper your feet fit inside the shoes, the more comfortable your feet will feet.

Some women in addition to having wide feet have a high instep as well. The instep is the top part of your foot and when it’s high it makes it a lot more challenging to find shoes that fit. The high top sneakers I recommend all provide extra depth to allow your feet to fit deeply inside the shoes:


☑️ Round Toe-Box: Some shoes that are labeled as wide actually have pointier toe-boxes instead of rounder ones. It’s important that your high top sneakers provide round toe-boxes instead of pointier ones to prevent your toes from rubbing or overlapping against one another:


There is a very small selection of women’s high tops that are available in wide widths (W) and provide these 2 important features at the same time, but the good news is that I will help you find them.

Keep in mind that wearing shoes that are too narrow can lead to ingrown toenails, bunions, hammertoes, calluses, corns, as well as some long-term effects such as general foot, leg, and lower back pain.

If you are unsure of your exact foot length and width, I created a different article in which I help women determine their exact foot size from home. For example, you might believe that you have wide feet when in fact you might have extra wide feet. Do you know whether you have a high instep or not? Take a look at the article below in which I help women determine their exact foot size from home:

How to Measure Your Foot Shoe Size – The Most Simple and Effective Way!

Now that you know your exact foot size let’s take a look at the best high top sneakers for women in wide widths.

Best High Top Sneakers for Women in Wide Widths ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Make sure that you choose the wide (W) width option when selecting your shoes. Disclosure: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

What Shoe Size Should You Order?

To prevent your toes from rubbing against the front or side part of the shoes, I highly recommend that you order the shoes a whole size larger than the size that your feet measure. This translates to 3/8 of an inch or 0.8 centimeters of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoes.

These shoes are designed to meet the challenges of sporting activities or complete a casual look.

In addition to fitting the shape of your wide feet, these high top sneakers provide the following features:

  • Substantial Outsole.
  • Targeted Ankle and Heel Support.
  • Lightweight and Flexible.
  • Excellent Traction.
  • Durable.

If you have any further questions about how these high top sneakers fit or if you are having a hard time finding a different shoe style for your wide feet do not hesitate to contact me: comfortablewomenshoes@gmail.com 


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