Best Dress Shoes for Women with Wide Feet, High Insteps, and Narrow Heels


Are you having a hard time finding a pair of dress shoes that are capable of accommodating your wide feet, high insteps, and narrow heels? Do you feel like every single dress shoe that you try pinches your toes and the ones that are wide enough at the front slip out your feet? You probably are dealing with what I like to call “combination feet”— wide forefoot and narrow heels— which is one of the hardest foot types to fit. The good news is that I will show you a list of the best dress shoes for women with wide feet, high insteps, and narrow heels based on my many years of shoe-fitting experience.

My Experience Helping Women with “Combination Feet”

For the past 10 years, I have been working for a family shoe store where we specialize in helping women with varied foot shapes. I have fitted hundreds of different shoes and I am familiar with which shoe styles are better for women with wide feet, high insteps, and narrow heels!

I have helped several women with “complicated” foot shapes such as long, slender toes, high arches, high insteps, a wide base, and a narrow short heel… you name it! Some other women that came to the shoe store had short toes, flat feet, and a quad heel.

Please note that what has worked really well for women with foot shapes similar to yours, has not worked as well for others. One thing I learned after having fitted women’s shoes for so many years is that feet are like snowfalls, no two are alike. In addition, some women believe they have wide feet when in fact they have extra wide feet.

What Features Make the Dress Shoes I Recommend Ideal for Your Feet?

1️⃣ Round toe boxes: the extra room that round toe boxes provide, prevents your toes from overlapping against one another or the sides of the shoe making your feet hurt. The dress shoes below are the same size in length and width, but do you notice how the shoe on the right has a rounded toe-box compared to the shoe on the left?


2️⃣ Narrow heel counters – This will help keep your feet in place, and it will help you avoid slipping out of your shoes all the time! It locks your feet in place. It is hard to find shoes with narrow heel counters and even if the shoe you found has it, I would recommend you also choose one with ankle straps. Notice how the dress shoe on the left has a narrower heel counter compared to the shoe on the right.


3️⃣ Extra Depth: This is a very important feature as it allows your feet to sit deeply inside the shoes, which increases comfort and prevents the top part of your feet (instep), from rubbing against the top part of the shoes. Take a look at the image below for better visualization purposes:


4️⃣ Ankle straps – This is a great feature to avoid your feet from slipping out. I strongly recommended getting shoes that have some sort of adjustable strap to try to hold your feet in place.

How to Order the Correct Shoe Size Online?

Did you know that there is a study by the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society that showed that 88% of American women wear shoes that are too small?

There is nothing more uncomfortable than wearing the wrong size shoe! Be aware that your foot shape and size can change overtime. This can happen because of pregnancy, aging, and weight gain or loss. The ligaments and tendons also lose strength due to aging and make our arches decrease which can flatten and lengthen the foot and toes. Because of this, I recommend you get your feet measured every 6 months. Additionally, when it comes to sizes you don’t only need to only look at the length of your foot but also the width! Quality measurements start with expert consultation, so let me help you retrieve your exact foot length:

How to Measure Your Foot Shoe Size – The Most Simple and Effective Way!

It is very important to wear shoes that fit your feet comfortably and meet all the features recommended for your foot shape. There is nothing more annoying than to keep slipping away from your feet, getting blisters, or having to sacrifice your style because you can’t find shoes that meet all your needs.

Now that you know what features your dress shoes must provide, we are ready to take a look t a list of the best dress shoes for women with wide feet, high insteps, and narrow heels. Disclosure: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

Best Dress Shoes for Women with Wide Feet, High Insteps, and Narrow Heels

All of the dress shoes below are available in different widths, so please make sure to select your correct foot width. I also suggest that you take a look at the last bullet point of each shoe to find out what shoe size you should order to prevent your longest toe from rubbing against the front part of the dress shoes.

I want to reiterate an important point. While these dress shoes have worked well for hundreds of women with wide feet, high insteps, and narrow heels, there is no guarantee that they will work well for your feet.

Are You Unsure About Which Dress Shoe Might Work Best for Your Foot Shape?

Have you given up completely on ever finding dress shoes or professional-looking shoes to wear with your business suit? Feel free to contact me through the comments section below or via email and I will happily guide you in the right direction:

I hope you find this resource helpful! I will be creating new resources for women with “combination feet”, as I get emails from them looking for sneakers and seasonal shoes such as sandals and boots. As soon as I create those resources I will update this article. In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have via the comments section below.

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