The Best Narrow Sandals for Women – Waterproof, Lightweight, Supportive, and Durable!


Do you always have a hard time finding a pair of summer sandals that will fit the shape of your narrow feet? Are you spending a lot of time trying different styles but always end up empty handed? Finding a pair of sandals to fit the shape of your narrow feet can be quite time-consuming if you don’t know which shoe brands or which shoe styles to look for. However, I will show you a selection of the best narrow sandals for women.

My Role in Fitting Women’s Shoes

Wearing a pair of sandals that are too wide means that your feet will end up moving too much inside the sandal and that constant friction and rubbing against the shoe will lead to blisters, calluses, and corns. Moreover, wearing a sandal that is too wide can also lead to foot and leg pain, since your feet are not getting the proper support from the sandals.

If you are tired of stuffing your sandals with heel pads, or shuffling your feet and curling your toes to keep from stepping out of them then you came to the right place.

I want you to remember one thing: It doesn’t matter how narrow or wide your feet are, there is always at least one particular shoe style out there that will fit the shape of your feet perfectly, and I will help you find it!

What Makes the Sandals I Recommend Effective for Narrow Feet?

A narrow toe-box and narrow heel counter: The sandals I recommend provide a narrow toe-box and a narrow heel counter.


We need to carry top quality shoes that are available in different widths, since that’s the only way we can guarantee to fit every woman.

Finding a pair of narrow running or casual shoes is hard, but it gets harder when it comes to finding a good pair of sandals to fit a narrow foot since the selection is even smaller.

To your advantage, I have fitted narrow sandals for women before, and I am familiar with which particular styles will fit narrower than others.

Let me show you a selection of the best narrow sandals for women that I have fitted before. Please keep in mind that I only review shoes that I have fitted before, since that is the only way for me to tell how well made the shoes are, the type of support that they provide, and how they fit.

Supportive Women's Sandals

Sandals for Narrow Feet – Let’s Get Familiar with the Best Brands!

There are a couple of shoe brands that are consistent when it comes to fitting a woman with narrow feet which are Propet, and Teva (certain styles).

Have you heard about these two shoe brands before?

I have fitted sandals from these brands before and Propet is consistent and most of their shoe styles will fit a woman with narrow feet (as long as you choose the correct shoe width). Propet sandals are actually available in narrow widths!

When it comes to Teva there are certain styles that fit much narrower than others, and to facilitate the searching process for you, I will describe the best sandals styles from these two shoe brands.

Teva sandals are great because they provide really good support and they can be worn for most of the day.

The Most Important Attributes to Look For:

The specific attributes the sandals I will show you in this article are:

1️⃣ Substantial Outsole with a Built-in Arch: This feature will prevent your feet and legs from easily getting tired, by reducing the impact that your feet take when they come in contact with the ground.


2️⃣ Good Traction: This feature will prevent you from slipping and falling, especially when walking on wet surfaces.


3️⃣ Secure Velcro Strap Closure: This feature will allow the sandal to “hug” your feet so you can feel more stable when you are walking.

Why are Narrow Sandals so Hard to Find? – Let’s Find Out!

The main reason why shoe companies don’t offer a greater variety of sandals in narrow widths is that they simply think there is not enough demand. It is true that most women have medium, wide, or extra wide feet, but I still think there are a lot of women out there with narrow feet, and the issue is that most of them don’t even know it!

There are two ways you can find out if you have narrow feet or not. One of them is to measure your feet with the standard foot measuring tool called the Brannock device, and the other one is to check the shoes that you are currently wearing.

If you want to figure out your exact foot size from home, then take a look at an article I wrote where I describe the simplest, yet most effective way to figure out your foot size from home:

How to Measure your Foot Size – The Most Simple and Effective Way!

Now let’s check if the shoes that you are wearing are too wide. The first step is to check if you can slide one or two fingers around the heel area of the shoe that means the shoe is too wide:

Shoes That Are Too Wide

The second step is to check if you feel like there is a lot of extra space around the toed-box of the shoe:

Shoes That Are Too Wide

If you normally feel like there is always a gap when you are wearing shoes, then it’s highly likely that you have narrow feet.

One of the most common mistakes I see women make is to try shorter shoes when they feel like the shoes are gaping too much around their ankles This usually ends up in their toes being cramped against the front of the shoes.

Now that you know how to figure out your foot size from home and what features the sandals must provide to keep your feet and legs healthy, let’s take a look at the best sandals for women with narrow feet.

Below you can find a selection of the best narrow sandals for women. Disclosure: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

The Best Narrow Sandals for Women – Waterproof, Lightweight, Supportive, and Durable!

These sandals will not only fit a woman with narrow feet, but they will also provide excellent features since they are also supportive, lightweight, flexible, and provide great traction.

What Shoe Size Should You Order?

Take a look at the description below the shoes that I recommended to find out what shoe size you should order.

Furthermore, these sandals can be used as everyday sandals and that you can wear for most of the day since they will provide good support and traction for your feet. However, I always recommend alternating with sneakers since sneakers will always provide more support than sandals or any other shoe style.

The good news is that you can wear these sandals for most of the day if you want to. The two styles by Teva can be worn everyday, the styles made by Propet are more casual and I don’t recommend you wear them for more than 6 hours a day.

Do you happen to have a child with narrow feet that also needs a pair of summer sandals? I wrote an article where I describe the best summer sandals for kids with narrow feet. Kindly go to the link below.

The Best Sandals for Narrow Feet – Find the Secret Here!

Contact us! Have you found a particular sandal style or brand that has worked well for your narrow feet?Don’t hesitate to contact us through the comments section or via e-mail if you are having trouble finding a different type of shoes to fit the shape of your feet.

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  1. Thanks for your interest in this subject. I have not tried the other brands you list but I have some Teva Tirra that I love and can wear but they are still too wide. If they just made the strap adjust down another 1/2 nice they would be perfect for my narrow foot.

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