The Best Women’s Orthotics for Overpronation – Supportive, Comfortable, Durable, and Affordable!


Editor’s Note: This post has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy on May 2022 and reflects an up-to-date selection of the best women’s orthotics for overpronation.

Are you flat-footed and experiencing foot or leg pain? Have you been diagnosed with overpronation? If that’s the case, I will help you find the best orthotics for overpronation. Let me start by defining overpronation, which is basically when the arch of the foot collapses excessively downward or inward. This condition is also commonly known as flat feet.

If you have been diagnosed with overpronation or flat feet, don’t stress about it! This is a very common condition. Nevertheless, you should take action sooner than later if you want to avoid bigger problems in the future.

In addition, when women overpronate they are putting pressure in parts of their body where they are not supposed to, and this is what leads to foot and leg pain, as well as lower back problems in the future.

Are you familiar with orthotics? An orthotic is a shoe insert that is specifically designed to provide support, cushioning, stability, and which at the same time attenuates the pressure on the foot.

Let me show you the impact that a pair of good orthotics can have on your feet. Let’s first take a look at a picture of a woman that is flat-footed standing barefoot. Do you notice how her feet are collapsing and turning inwards?


Now let’s take a look at a picture of the same woman standing in a pair of orthotics. Do you notice how much straighter her feet are?


Note that if you have been diagnosed with overpronation, you should start by checking the shoes that you are wearing. Something so simple such as using a good supportive shoe might reduce the pain you are experiencing. However, when a woman experiences overpronation, an orthotic is usually required to reduce, or fully eliminate foot and leg pain.

In this article, I will show you which is the best women’s orthotic for overpronation.

Providing the Right Support for Overpronation – Take Note!

If you are overpronating you must use a pair of good shoes and orthotics. By good shoes I mean that they provide good arch and ankle support.

A shoe with arch support will prevent your feet from collapsing but overpronation can come from the ankles too. If your ankles are turning inwards or outwards this will lead to your feet not being straight.

A pair of good supportive shoes might help with your overpronation, but in many cases a good supportive shoe will not be enough to reduce or fully eliminate your feet and leg pain.

Moreover, if you have already tried a pair of good supportive shoes to wear with orthotics and you haven’t improved the way you walk, then you must find a pair of good supportive orthotics. The right type of orthotic will help align your feet and legs and reduce or fully eliminate the pain you have been experiencing.

Features that Orthotics Provide to Prevent Overpronation

As mentioned earlier I’ll show you which is the best orthotic for overpronation that I have fitted before. I know the amount of support and quality that this orthotic provides by actually fitting them on different women’s feet.

I always emphasize that there are 3 main features that the orthotics must provide to keep your feet healthy:

  • Arch support
  • Ankle support
  • Shock absorption

If you find an orthotic that provides all of these features, you will be preventing your feet from collapsing and you will be able to walk and run much straighter.

The Best Women’s Orthotics for Overpronation ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Below you can find the best orthotic for overpronation. Disclosure: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

Remember to remove the original insoles of the shoes before placing the orthotics inside the shoes. This is one of the most supportive orthotics that I have fitted before offered at an amazing price of $36:

Let me tell you why I consider this the best orthotic for women:

  • This orthotic comes with an exterior heel platform which is perfect for more severe pronators since the angled platform offers greater motion control.
  • The orthotic also comes with firm arch support that will prevent your feet from collapsing and help you walk and run straighter.
  • You can move this orthotic from shoe to shoe (casual, athletic, and dress shoes).
  • I recommend wearing this orthotic for a few hours a day until your feet are accustomed to better support, and then start wearing them full time.
  • Trim edges if needed to fit.

This is the ideal orthotic insert for preventing and alleviating your foot and leg pain!

Keep in mind that orthotics don’t work in any type of shoes. The shoes must come with a substantial sole, a firm heel counter, and a removable insole. The shoes also need to be deep, the deeper the better, that way the orthotic will sit deeply inside the shoes and won’t raise your feet up, giving you the impression that your feet are coming out of the shoes.

Let’s take a look at the difference between a woman wearing a pair of shoes with orthotics and one without them. The first picture shows a woman wearing a pair of unsupportive shoes without orthotics. Do you notice how the feet are collapsing and turning inwards?


Now let’s take a look at a picture of a woman wearing a pair of supportive shoes and orthotics. Do you notice how much straighter her feet are?


Do you happen to have a child that is also overpronating and experiencing foot and leg pain? I wrote an article where I describe the best orthotics for kids and you can find it here:

The Best Orthotics for Kids – The Most Effective Way to Correct Your Child’s Overpronation

Orthotics and shoes play a key role in helping you walk, jog and run straighter. For instance, if you have a supportive orthotic fitted in a pair of shoes that are too flimsy, you won’t get any of the benefits that the orthotics have to offer and vice versa.

That is the reason why I decided to create an article where I provide a selection of the best shoes for orthotics and you can find it here:

The Best Women’s Shoes for Orthotics – Deep and Supportive!

These orthotics are specifically designed to provide firm arch support and cushioning. It will also provide biomechanics alignment by preventing overpronation and correcting your ankles, making them straighter.

Now that you know which are the best shoes and orthotics for women with overpronation, you will surely make a better decision!

Consequences of Not Taking Early Action when Overpronating 

If you are diagnosed with overpronation, it’s very important that you do something about it at the earliest. The first step should be to make sure that you are wearing a pair of good supportive shoes and orthotics, otherwise, overpronation could lead to the following foot issues:

  • Back and hip pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Ankle sprain and foot instability
  • Calluses
  • Foot rigidity
  • Hammer toes and claw toes

Kindly keep in mind that we all have a certain degree of pronation, but when it’s visible and excessive that’s when the issue comes. Our body is constantly changing. So, if you notice that there is a slight roll in your ankles, it doesn’t mean that you need to rush off to see a doctor or physical therapist.  But, please be conscious about it and watch out for foot and leg pain, fatigue, clumsiness, and developmental delays. Those are most of the symptoms of overpronation!

If you notice any of these symptoms, start by consulting a doctor or physical therapist. They will be able to lead you on to the next steps to take, which could be physical therapy, be fitted for an orthotic, or both.

The Best Orthotics For Women

Interesting Facts About Overpronation and Orthotics

One of the biggest issues with overpronation is that women who overpronate might be more inclined to sit rather than walk and run due to that extra stress their feet and legs take. This means that when you are walking or running long distances you are prone to experience foot and leg fatigue and you might even want to abstain from being active and/or playing sports.

This fatigue happens because your muscles are working harder due to the body’s poor positioning. So, when you overpronate, your feet collapse, and this causes your knees, hips, and back to shift out of alignment.

The orthotic for a woman with overpronation must give excellent arch and ankle support to provide cushion and support since this will help redistribute your body weight more evenly.

The orthotics and shoes work together in helping you walk and run better. For instance, if you have a supportive orthotic fitted in a pair of shoes that are too flimsy, you won’t get any of the benefits that the orthotics have to offer and vice versa.

What are Other Women Saying About this Orthotic?

  • “These orthotics are a  lifesaver. I was already scheduled for surgery, but these orthotics eliminated my foot and leg pain in less than 3 weeks. I love the support they provide and how they are comfortable at the same time. I use them in my sneakers and work shoes”
  • “I am on my feet on tile about 9 hours per day, five days a week. I always left work with pain in my heels, knees, hips, and lower back. After wearing these orthotics for a week the pain in my heels and hips has disappeared. The support these orthotics provide is incredible!”
  • “I have had cortisone shots in both feet and they didn’t help as much as these orthotics did”

Now that you know which are the best women’s orthotics for overpronation, you are ready to make the most informative decision!

How has been your experience dealing with overpronation or flat feet? Have you tried this orthotic before? Kindly share your thoughts and comments in the section below so other women can also benefit from your experiences.

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